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The Superhero of Nursery Management Software – eyMan


As our lives become more digitally influenced with the way we communicate with friends and family, store our photos, do our shopping and conduct our work, some business sectors have struggled with how to move into the online world. Childcare providers possibly being one of those……until now!


eyLog Ltd’s super smart, high flying, comprehensive online management system transforms operational duties in your child care setting.  


Have you considered an online management system?

How would an online system benefit your setting?

How has an online system helped the way your work evolve?


Online nursery management systems are enabling more time effective ways of working both from a care perspective and an administrative element. So what are they?

Online solutions enable settings to move over from paper based or spreadsheet documentation for child, parents and staff. This allows all data to be stored and accessed in one place, resulting in a reduction in paper and print costs, saving time on record keeping and are a comprehensive solution to manage your early years setting — from registration, enquiries, session scheduling, invoicing, recording observations etc, enabling your business to run more efficiently and effectively.

At eyLog Ltd our integrated systems also provide a full 360° engagement with parents through our Parent App, allowing you to work closely with Parents As Partners.



eyMan enables key management functions to be carried out in a time effective manner, reduce manual paperwork and create extensive reports for enquiries and registration, child/parent profiles and scheduling and staff management and HR tasks.




On eyMan, occupancy, availability and ratios charts mean settings can proactively plan and maintain child scheduling, session availability and manage required child to staff ratios. Our automatic room movement feature also forecasts child transitions through the setting, this goes a long way in running your setting more efficiently.




From a back office element all invoicing and payments can be created and sent out through the eyMan system as well as setting up session types and costs, terms and funding and having children and parent information all stored in one place.
eyMan extends this management to staff and HR including a number of features from storing staff information and contracts to allowing staff to book annual leave and absence. We also enable settings to map the qualifications and training requirements you have for each position and identify any gaps in training and qualifications easily, enabling you to plan your staffs development needs.

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