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Nursery Management

The real cost of paper-based learning journey logging

Many nursery managers/owners have the perception that tablet based recording systems will be a lot more expensive compared to their paper-based systems. We ask – are you aware of the true running costs involved in these paper-based learning journeys and progress recording systems?

Despite what nursery managers/owners may think, it is actually more cost-effective to manage learning journeys electronically with a tablet, especially looking at this as a long term investment. It is also a lot more environmentally friendly.

Consider the costs of the materials involved in maintaining these paper-based systems – paper, folders, print cartridges, post-it notes, specific observation sheets, daily communication diary books/sheets, folders, laminator, pens, highlighters and the list goes on! How about the extra pay for staff to complete observations? And let’s not forget the time that is spent in aggregating data to produce progress reports.

You can now start to realise why an on-line tablet based system would be beneficial in a multitude of ways.

Online learning journeys significantly save these costs and enable a paper-less environment. The automated trackers in eyLog are possible due to the digitalisation of the observation information. The investment in eyLog is not just cost neutral but actually helps improve the bottom line.

Imagine logging a child’s progress, there and then, taking pictures pinning it to the child at that second, writing a short blurb as it happens and moving onto the next child. This is time effective, meaning the staff can focus more on the children than writing out journeys and getting too busy with paperwork and folders (and mess!). While there is a statutory need to record and monitor progress, it is equally important to ensure that this process doesn’t get in the way of actually interacting and playing with the children – nobody wants to see the staff following children around with clipboards!

The other benefit is the cloud system – all the data is stored and backed up securely, nothing can be lost or misplaced, like paper. Finding the paper or book you want often takes longer than you think. The costs on continuously upgrading your computer’s capability is also eliminated as all you would need is the internet browser on your computer/laptop.

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