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GoCardless- Simplifying Secured Payments

Are you worried about having to collect payments manually from each parent every month?

As a parent, is it cumbersome to pay the nursery in cash or make an online transfer manually each time?

Is Security of online transactions bothering you?

If any or all the above are your concerns, eyMan has the perfect solution that facilitates easy and faster payments. To provide a seamless experience for both nurseries and parents, eyMan partners with GoCardless. GoCardless is one of the fastest payment gateways to collect online payments automatically. To do this, parents must fill a one-time Direct Debit Mandate, which is an instruction form authorising nurseries to collect payments on their behalf. Once the direct debit has been authorised, nurseries can automatically collect fixed or variable amounts from the customer on a fixed date every month. Direct Debit payment dates can be mutually decided by the parents and nursery. Parents receive notifications just before a payment is debited from their account. eyMan also enables reconciliation of invoices on the online dashboard. All GoCardless transactions are 256-bit SSL encrypted and protected by the Direct Debit guarantee.

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