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eyMan offers a comprehensive enquiry management process that can be linked with your own nursery website to capture new parent enquiries online and straight into eyMan. You can manage t..


eyMan includes a simple and quick setup for sessions to cover all your fee types for children across age groups. The ability to create and schedule these sessions on a per hour, per ses..


The occupancy charts in eyMan provide an overview of the number of children across all the room/groups in the nursery that are booked in. The system provides Daily Occupancy Charts whic..

Payments and reconciliation

eyMan incorporates useful aspects to support your payments process. Reduce your monthly debtors and improve cash flow by collecting and reconciling payments automatically using GoCardle..

Terms and funding

eyMan has a unique terms and funding setup that defines term dates and funding settings. The system helps to take the hassle out of funding calculations, enabling you to differentiate b..

Profile Update Forms

eyMan enables you to keep your child and staff data up to date quickly, easily and accurately by enabling parents and staff to update the key information for their children or own profi..

Rich Evidence and Observations

The old adage that a picture is worth a thousand words is never truer than when you move away from the restrictions of a paper-based learning journey by incorporating photos, videos and..

Multiple Frameworks

eyLog supports a wide range of assessment frameworks in England, Scotland and Wales which enables you to focus and plan towards a well-rounded learning and development for the children...

Offline Capability

eyLog allows you to record moments and complete observations from anywhere, even without internet connectivity, such as outdoor visits to the garden/forest/park or blind spots within th..

Draft and Review Process

Capture the moment and save an observation as a draft, then complete the observation and assessment at a more convenient time. Manage the quality of observations by controlling which st..

Registers and Daily Diaries

eyLog allows you to enter sign in/out times for children easily through the app and maintain registers. Customisable daily diaries record key information such as register times, what a ..

Accident/Incidents and Trends

Detailed accident/incident sheets enable you to document any accident/incidents/pre-existing conditions that have occurred in the nursery or at home and need to be recorded. Staff can c..


You can manage staff profiles, schedules and contract/holiday entitlement effectively through eyMan. Staff logins enable staff members to make holiday requests and receive notifications..

Automatic Room Movement

eyMan offers complete automatic room movement functionality that calculates the date a child is due to move rooms (on the day of age change or the start of the week following the age ch..

360° Engagement with Parents

Use eyLog to engage parents and help them to understand their child’s development on a more regular and real-time basis, through their child’s learning journey. Parents can view the..

Smart Trackers and Extensive Reporting

The system includes a wide range of automated trackers and reports that are extremely useful to help manage your childcare setting. On eyMan, daily, weekly and weekday register reports ..

Parent and Staff Communication

Both eyMan and eyLog include an integrated e-mail messaging system for the nursery to communicate with parents and staff. Managers can send simple messages such as notifications and ann..

End-to-End Security

eyLog uses the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) to encrypt all communication between the server and the tablets. We store all data on Rackspace, a secure cloud-based server in data centres lo..