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Entitlement Funding- Easy and Efficient!

Entitlement Funding- Easy and Efficient!

As a parent, is it a hassle to apply for Universal and Extended Entitlement Funding?

Do you have to call or visit the nursery each time to enquire about the status of your Funding request?

As a Nursery, is it tedious to process Funding claims and update Funding statuses and Reports manually?

Not anymore. eyMan offers the perfect paperless solution to ease the process of 30 hours of Universal and Extended Entitlement Funding for both Nurseries and Parents. Instead of having to personally visit the nursery to apply for the funding, parents can now apply online using the eyMan app. They will then be able to view the status of their claims online and can also seek an additional 15 hours of funding after the Universal Funding of 15 hours has elapsed for their child.

Most systems in the past used paper documentation to process claims or nurseries had to manually update details online. Considering this, eyMan has included the Universal and Extended Entitlement Funding feature on the app so that nurseries will not just be able to process claims but can also generate Funding reports for official purposes and send regular updates to parents about their claim status.


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