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Nursery Management

Staff Management- Getting Nurseries sorted!

Have you updated the qualifications and training details of all your Nursery staff?

Have you correctly calculated the Payroll hours of all staff?

Are you unsure about the number of Holidays you are entitled to and whether your Nursery Manager has approved your Leave request?

These are some of the questions that constantly worry Nurseries and their staff. We understand that with an increase in the workforce and several responsibilities each day, Nurseries may find it difficult to keep their staff details up to date always. Using Excel sheets to tabulate staff hours for payroll or using files to document staff details in paper format can be stressful. Keeping this in mind, we at eyLog have developed a solution that takes care of all these concerns all at once and in one place.

Using the eyMan Nursery Management software, Nurseries can update their staff profiles and work schedules, staff hours for payroll and ensure that the trainings/qualifications undertaken by their staff or the ones they are working towards achieving are securely updated in one place. The eyMan app can also be used by staff to raise Leave requests based on their Holiday entitlement which reflects on the app due to their profiles and payroll hours being updated. Nursery Managers can then use the app to approve or decline Leave requests, which will be instantly viewable by the staff. Thus, several processes which would  otherwise have been a time-consuming process manually are streamlined using the eyMan application.



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