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Nursery Management

EYFS Assessments- A boon for Nurseries

Do you want to track the Early Years progress of your child?

As a Nursery, are you looking for the best way to record EYFS observations?

If yes, then your search ends at eyLog. eyLog is compliant with the 2012 Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) framework.The eyLog application helps create EYFS profiles of children in a nursery and records the learning and developmental information of a child.

Since EYFS assessments focus on the prime areas of Early Years learning such as emotional, personal and social development, the online observations can be linked to learning goals.

The nursery can update a child’s progress which is accessible to parents. Parents can then view the strengths and areas of improvement for their child.

eyLog enables the assessment levels to be added against each of the seven aspects of the EYFS framework and the age band of the child can also be linked to the online learning journey.

To summarise it all, eyLog’s Nursery Management software  ensures that Nurseries can plan the next steps to achieve learning across all the EYFS areas.

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