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eyLog redefines the way observations are taken in the nursery and will significantly reduce the effort nedded to perform assessments and to maintain the learning journey.

Practitioners captureobservations with the tablet interface. Manage children and observations using the web interface

Go Paperless - with the eyLog Tablet & Web Solution

Using our secure mobile devices, nursery practitioners can easily create and maintain a child's EYFS learning journey with relevant milestones, text, photos, audios and videos.

No more lost or damaged cameras; No lost post-its, notes & photo cuttings; No jumbling across paper based observation sheets!

eyLog offers a close integration between early years observations and EYFS assessments, and eliminates the need to swift through pages to link these two manually. This reduces the effort involved in taking observations and linking EYFS assessments to learning goals, allowing childcare providers to bring the focus back on providing a stimulating experience to children in the early years.

Tablet interface allows taking observations, assessing observations and planning next steps

Observe - Assess - Plan

eyLog is compliant with the new 2012 Early Years Foundation Years (EYFS) framework and will enable you to create a comprehensive EYFS profile of the children in your nursery, associate observations with relevant learning goals through a single click and plan the next steps for the child to achieve the key learning aspects across all the EYFS learning areas.

The seven learning areas of EYFS, their learning aspects and the learning statements are accessible through simple interfaces to allow for rapid linking of observations to these EYFS milestones. The learning journey is automatically created from the observations and assessments, and the PDF version of the learning journey provides an easy way to print and share paper-based copies of the learning journey.

eyLog supports multiple photos, videos and audio clips

Capture the moment in real - Images, Audios & Videos

Remember the days of tape-based cameras when we used to think twice before taking a photo as the amount of tape on hand was always limited?

Today we are in a digital era - so why restrict an observation to a single photo? eyLog allows you to take multiple photos as part of an observation and thereby enables you to truly capture the story behind the observation.

A picture says a thousand words. A video, a million. Move away from the restrictions of a paper based learning journey and create a rich-observation by incorporating videos.

There are great moments when a child is saying something profound or is just letting out the Sinatra/Madonna in them. eyLog gives you the power to record an audio clip and save it for eternity as part of an observation.

Save Observations in Draft mode and Built-in Review Process

Save Observations in Draft mode and Built-in Review Process

Observations can be saved as Drafts and completed at a later point in time. This ensures that no single moment is lost but at the same time ensures staff can ensure quality of the observations at their own pace.

Senior staff such as room leaders can be ear-marked as "reviewers" of observations. eyLog's in-built review process ensures that observations created by junior staff are reviewed before they become part of the EYFS learning journey.

Parents have live access to the child's learning journey

360 degrees View - Involve, Share and Engage with Parents, Relatives and Carers

Parents eager to know and understand their child's early years development on a more regular and realtime basis? Share a child's observations and learning journey with parents, increasing their involvement in the activities at the nursery.

Parents can login and access the learning journey at the click of a button and be able to view the observations recorded at the nursery as soon as they become part of the learning journey. They can add comments and interact with the Practitioners in real-time about these observations. eyLog also makes it possible for parents to contribute their observations at home, making the learning journey even more comprehensive and enabling a 360 degree view of the child's development in its early years.

Gain insight on the child's progress with charts

Analyse with Charts and Progress Trackers

Track and analyse the progress of a child's early years development with interactive charts highlighting their milestones, EYFS assessments and planning next steps. eyLog also provides Practitioners with reports that allows them to monitor the observation recording process and brings their attention to overdue tasks.

Charts provide the Nursery Manager with the control they need to track the progress of all children and practitioners and identify EYFS areas to focus on.

The nursery owner gets a holistic view of their nursery with eyLog charts and helps them to ensure that the routine yet important activities around the learning journey are being executed diligently.

SSL based access with secure cloud-based solution

A Fully Secure Solution

eyLog is a secure web and mobile solution.

All users - Nursery Managers, Practitioners and Parents can only access the application using their unique login credentials. Our web and mobile applications are protected by SSL certifciates using the https protocol, with all data being encrypted and transmitted. Our tablet devices are specially locked to prevent any misuse of the data captured within a nursery setting.

Our servers are hosted in secure data centres in the UK with timely backups.

Characteristics of Effective Learning, Leuven Scales and ECaT

Characteristics of Effective Learning and Leuven Scales

eyLog allows you to incorporate the Characteristics of Effective Learning (CoEL) in your observations and thereby help you to focus and understand how the children learn in your nursery, and thereby plan the child's activities to better support its learning in the early years.

eyLog also supports Leuven Scales of Emotional Well-being and Level of Involvement to assess the emotional intelligence of the child as well as the extent to which the child is operating to its full capability.

Both of the above assessment capabilities are optional and can be enabled based on your nursery's needs.

Customisation and Support for Nursery Chains

Customisation and Support for Nursery Chains

The web interface can be customised to include the logo of the nursery. Parent's logging-in to the system clearly see the nursery logo and can relate eyLog as an offering from their trusted nursery.

Assessments such as the Leuven Scales and Characteristics of Learning are configurable and can be enabled for each nursery based on its specific requirements.

The names of the observation fields (such as "Observation", "Analysis", "Next Steps", "Comments", "EYFS Assessment", etc., can all be customised accordingly on your current practices and nursery observation sheets.

If you own a chain of nurseries, all the above configurations can be customised differently for each nursery setting in the chain.